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The leader in concierge medicine and executive health since 2003.

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What We Do

At PartnerMD, we believe a better healthcare experience requires more time between you and your personal physician. We don’t just treat illness. We work to prevent it through enhanced personal physician care, the most advanced physicals, and integrated wellness and health coaching.

Primary Care for individuals

Primary care for individuals and families.

Because our doctors see fewer patients than a traditional primary care practice, they have the time to build a deeper relationship with you.

In exchange for a monthly membership fee, you get 30-minute visits, same- or next-day appointments, little to no wait times, 24/7 access to physician care, and access to the most advanced physicals, comprehensive wellness programs, and certified health coaches.

The result? It feels like having a doctor in the family.

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Primary Care for individuals

Executive health programs for companies.

Our executive health programs help your company provide a valuable benefit to your most critical employees.

We offer the most medically advanced executive physicals on the market, which means your employees receive the best in early detection and prevention. We also offer memberships for enhanced primary care throughout the year, so your top talent can get help improving their health between physicals, too.

The result is happy, healthy employees who feel valued by you, their employer.

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PartnerMD Physicians

Physicians practice medicine how it’s meant to be practiced.

Imagine practicing medicine the way you envisioned it coming out of medical school. Instead of rushing through 40 patients per day, you see around 10. You spend at least 30 minutes with every patient instead of at most 10.

The result is more personal care for your patients, and a more fulfilling experience for you as a doctor.

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PartnerMD Physicians
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Who We Are

Founded in 2003, PartnerMD remains at the forefront of the fast-growing concierge medicine model. We deliver a better healthcare experience by providing members with enhanced access and a stronger relationship with their primary care physician.

PartnerMD's physicians and health coaches in our offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic help patients live healthier, happier lives.

We are a subsidiary of Markel Ventures.

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Redefining the healthcare experience.

Meet your care team.

From primary care physicians to certified health coaches, your care team becomes your partner in health. Get to know them below.


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Since our founding, we've grown from one doctor in one office to more than 25 doctors in four states, including:

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“我认为价值是你已经之一ry small panel of patients, so when you’re with your doctor one-on-one and you have the time to really focus on your health and your prevention.”

Virginia Kladder, M.D., MPH


Our promises to you.

We are committed to redefining expectations for the healthcare experience. By taking time to listen, to understand, and to build trusting relationships, we provide individuals, families, and businesses with today’s most advanced, progressive, and personal health guidance.

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Want to learn more about PartnerMD? Complete this form, and we will respond within one business day.