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By:Jim Mumper, M.D.onApril 26th, 2022

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Concierge Medicine Jobs at PartnerMD: What We Look For

Become a Concierge Doctor

Since PartnerMD’s founding in 2003, we’ve grown from one concierge doctor in Richmond, VA, tomore than 25 concierge doctorsin offices throughout Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hiring for concierge medicine physician jobs.

不工作是相当简单的——如果you’re looking to make a boatload more money as a concierge doc or work far fewer hours, then PartnerMD is not the right fit for you. And we’re not luxury medicine or VIP medicine.

We’re focused on using the concierge medicine model to deliver the best care possible to our patients.

What does work deserves a little more of an explanation. Here are a few key things we look for when hiring concierge doctors at PartnerMD.

1. You want to practice medicine the way you always envisioned.

Our No. 1 priority is always going to be patient care. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal health, and that requires top-notch care for all patients, every day.

This means we’re looking for doctors committed to doing the same — establishing a better relationship with each patient, giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals, and being there for patients when they need us.

As a doctor, this is one of thetop benefits of practicing concierge medicine.

Often, we hear this expressed in some form of “I just want to practice medicine the way I envisioned when I entered medical school.”

That, by the way, is not packed schedules and anonymous, overloaded panels; neither is it spending most of the time running a tight-margin business.

We look for doctors who want to spend their time worrying about the health of their patients, not if they are seeing enough patients.

PartnerMD's Dr. David Pong talking with a patient in an exam room.

2. You are a mid-career internal medicine or family doctor.

PartnerMD isn’t a destination for doctors looking to enjoy a few years of laidback work as they phase towards retirement. That our doctors might work less is one of themyths about concierge medicine physician jobs. The truth is that our doctors just work differently and in a more rewarding way.

We have the most success hiring mid-career internists or family physicians. Our candidates from the traditional primary care world tend to have graduated from a U.S. medical school, completed their residency at a top program, and spent a few years practicing in the traditional model.

They tend to call us when they realize that that system is preventing them from being the best doctor they could be. That's when they start looking intohow to switch to a concierge medicine job.

A lot of our candidates say they already try to give patients the time concierge medicine affords. Many of them share their desire to develop better relationships with their patients. A thoughtful few express fear of missing something because they can’t slow down to read a chart fully or connect patterns of symptoms.

Doctors coming from other concierge practiceshave a unique set of reasons for wanting to talk to PartnerMD. Oftentimes, they’ve converted their own practice, but realize they still have to run a business. Sometimes, they have converted but can’t make it successful. And still others like PartnerMD’s history and culture.

There areany number of reasons a doctor may look to join concierge medicine and PartnerMD. But at the core of each reason is one overarching theme: they want to be better doctors for their patients.

3. You are focused on prevention, longevity, and performance.

Whileconcierge medicine has become more affordableover the last 10-15 years, it’s still an investment. People make that investment because they deem it a priority — for their health, their lifestyle, their performance, and their longevity.

inv新利18pt客户端e PartnerMD,我们负责stment very seriously. It’s why we strive to deliver the best care and provide the best experience to patients every day.

Most of our patients are more than happy to keep paying their membership fee because they are getting the kind of top-notch care they want and need. That care includes the pillars of the新利电竞experience — longer appointments, little to no wait in the lobby, same-day or next-day scheduling, advanced physicals, specialist coordination, etc.

But it also requires a focus on prevention, longevity, and performance. Each patient wants to live as happy and healthy a life as possible, for as long as possible, and it’s our job to help them do that.

So, when we’re looking at hiring concierge doctors, we think in terms of these questions:

  • Are you experienced in and do care about preventive medicine?
  • Do you have the clinical ability to help patients live their best life and operate at peak performance?
  • Will you deliver the kind of compassionate, attentive, personalized care our patients desire?

Concierge patients don’t just want someone to help them manage compounding health issues as they age.

They want a partner to help them prevent health issues in the first place, so they can live the life they want to live, whether that’s traveling the world with their partner, walking their daughter down the aisle, or holding their grandkids.

Our doctors help them do just that.

PartnerMD physician, health coach, and nurse meeting with a patient.

Concierge Medicine Jobs at PartnerMD

If you’re a physician thinking about becoming a concierge doctor and read this blog thinking, “you know, that sounds like me,” then we’d like to get to know you.

Whether you’re an individual doctor looking to make a career change or part of a multi-physician group interested in a different model of care, we have the experience and staffing necessary to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We currently havelocationsin Baltimore, MD; McLean, VA; Richmond, VA; Midlothian, VA; Short Pump, VA; Greenville, SC; and Atlanta, GA.

We’re open to you joining one of these offices or even launching additional offices in new or existing markets.

What's your next step? Click here and fill out the form to get the conversation started. No strings attached.

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